Hummingbird in Rain.


Their wings move in an infinity pattern Hummingbirds hearts beat an average of 1,260 times per minute. Their average body temperature is 107 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of their babies are smaller than a penny. They are the only birds that can fly forward and backwards. They need to eat 7 times per hour.   Not Read More

Andy Warhol

There is a museum named after him in Pittsburgh. He was the manager of the band “Velvet Underground”. This artist’s painting “Eight Elvis’s” sold for $100 million in 2008. The first movie he filmed was named “Sleep” and was a six-hour film depicting a man sleeping. His first commission was for drawing shoes in Glamour Read More

Ancient Minoa

This civilization is credited as being the first European Civilization.  A center of trade their main export was timber but they also exported; food, wine, wool, cloth, herbs and purple dye. Recent DNA testing has shown that this civilization was founded by migrants from mainland Europe. Their DNA shows a close link to other early Read More