Starburst Painting

  The Starburst Painting is made by placing painters tape down on your canvas to section it off as well as to create a line that your paint cannot penetrate. For this particular painting I added some extra water to my paint so that it would slightly permeate the edges of the paint and soften Read More

DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

Heart Wreath This gorgeous heart wreath is bound to brighten up any indoor space! This wreath is a great option for beginners or a fun group project for you and your kids. Sweet And Simple Living Heart Wreath     Paper Flowers Paper flowers are a great way to express your creativity since there are Read More

Paper Flowers

Supplies: 3 sticks 2 pieces of red scrapbook paper 1 piece of white computer paper 1 piece of green construction paper Craft Glue (I suggest a quick drying, tacky glue)   The Rose Cut your paper into squares ranging from 4” to 6”. Draw a spiral on your paper. Make sure to keep it at Read More

Pull Apart Pizza Bread

This pull apart pizza bread is fantastic for parties. It takes about two hours to make if you decide to make your own dough but if you use store bought dough it will take closer to an hour. You can either make your own pizza dough or purchase a premade dough from the store. If Read More

Origami Paper Heart Banner

This banner was made with origami puffy hearts. There are many tutorials for them online however, I strongly suggest watching this tutorial by paper kawaii . Since I decided to string up my hearts I added a drop of glue in the pockets at the bottom of the heart on the last step. This gave Read More

Savory Biscuits

How to make savory biscuits in 20 minutes or less.

This recipe came into being when we were heating up our leftover soup and realized we were out of bread! A quick google search brought me to the Homemade Drop Biscuits Recipe on Finding Zest which made a great base for these biscuits. By adding some herbs and cheese we were able to change them Read More

10 Soups in 30 Minutes or Less

These irresistible soups take half an hour or less from prep to table. They make quick and easy meals for weeknights and go great paired with salad or with these homemade biscuits.   Souped Up Tortellini This soup is absolutely delicious and can be made with whatever vegetables you have on hand! Made with tortellini Read More

Hummingbird in Rain.


Their wings move in an infinity pattern Hummingbirds hearts beat an average of 1,260 times per minute. Their average body temperature is 107 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of their babies are smaller than a penny. They are the only birds that can fly forward and backwards. They need to eat 7 times per hour.   Not Read More

Andy Warhol

There is a museum named after him in Pittsburgh. He was the manager of the band “Velvet Underground”. This artist’s painting “Eight Elvis’s” sold for $100 million in 2008. The first movie he filmed was named “Sleep” and was a six-hour film depicting a man sleeping. His first commission was for drawing shoes in Glamour Read More

Pom-Pom Yarn Flowers

Pom-pom flowers are a cheerful and whimsical touch to any table setting or shelf. For this tutorial I took inspiration from “Alice In Wonderland’s” painting the roses red scene and did them in red and white with one flower done in both! This tutorial will teach you the basics of making pom-poms as well as Read More

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